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Troubadour Theater Company

They have been called "one of the 21st century’s funniest comic troupes". The Troubadour Theater Company is an award winning theater group from L.A. that we had the privilege to work with for several years. Their innovative shows, which have been highly praised by critics and media, have inspired us to create some memorable visual […]

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Generazione 10

When a green political party meets an award winning poster designer it can only result with a breathtaking visual campaign. Powerful in both conceptual and artistic sense posters for this campaign are hard to pass by without stopping to take a better look. They communicate with the viewers on multiple levels pulling them deeply into […]

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Each year, best experimental and alternative theater groups gather in the city of Novi Sad to present their newest work at the INFANT (International Festival of Alternative and New Theater) summer festival. In 2005, we were lucky to be a part of that spectacle with what was later stated as "the best visual campaign in […]

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